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Stainless Steel Door Handle,KH200802 KEWARE

"Administrator:" Date:2018-08-23 "Zugriffe: 331"

  1. soft and comfortable, bright color.
  2.  has the super clean ability, can quickly take away the dust of the special body surface, the fingerprint
  3.  a specially made cross section can capture dust particles of several microns more efficiently. In addition to oil, decontamination, water absorption effect is very obvious
  4.  do not drop wool, spinning, non pilling, also has the polishing effect, no damage to the surface.
  5.  according to the customer request custom care gloves: using superfine fiber refined, mainly used for a variety of electronic, lens, dust-free workshop, electrical appliances, glasses, jewelry, antiques, porcelain, high-grade furniture. Do not scratch the surface damage, can effectively remove the dust on the surface of the oil.